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Un Rouge et Noir Memoir

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This is my SEX journal and is therefore ADULTS ONLY, I have a 'regular' live journal account elsewhere. This one is just to share my sexual exploits, some entries are friends only so feel free to add me if you want to read them, but keep in mind that I usually only add people back if their journal entries are sexual in nature too - at least to some degree. Sometimes I make exceptions, but not often. That being said, here's a little about me.
I'm a bisexual switch. For the most part I only top with women and bottom with men - but I could top either easily and have before and if the right woman came along I might be willing to submit. Right now I'm in a relationship with two men, my husband and my boyfriend/MASTER. We all three live together, but the relationships I have with each are seperate and we do not all three have sex together. Within this triad, there is monogamy in that none of us have, would have, or are interested in having lovers outside of this arrangement (except sometimes I wouldn't mind being with women again). I currently am not in any relationships with women as my MASTER has forbidden it for the time being.